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Wind farms

Wind is available in Belgium in abundance, both on the coast and in the Ardennes. This type of green energy has become increasingly popular in recent years. The technology has advanced considerably during the past thirty years. Wind power is, therefore, considered to be one of the alternative energy sources to enable us to meet the Kyoto standards and to achieve more autonomy in supplying our country's energy needs.

EDF Luminus has many years of experience with natural energy sources and is the ideal partner for the construction of wind farms. Windmill technology has now been fully developed and is industrially reliable. Windmills use the latest technology to increase their energy output and reduce noise pollution. Modern wind farms are no longer a noise nuisance in residential areas. The number of vanes is not accidental. Three slowly rotating vanes are not only technically and economically the most attractive option, but also the least intrusive, from a visual point of view.